For the second in our series of oldskool interviews, Demonic Possession are hugely excited to present to you the undisputed queen of the darkside - DJ Fallout!

Aside from a string of quality solo releases, her deadly combination with DJ Tango resulted in the creation of many records that defined the UK darkside scene in 1993 - all of which sound every bit as mindblowingly nasty and twisted today, as they did back then! Take it away Fallout. . .

DPR: What's your name, where are you from?

Fallout: Fallout, Coventry

DPR: How did you come up with the name "Fallout"?

Fallout: I was put on the spot, as a friend was putting a party on and wanted me to play and put it on the flyer. It was only a little gig in the back room of a pub, and was only going to be for that night only, but then it stuck. Fallout was probably in my head because I loved the Lenny D track, "Fallout, The Morning After". There used to be a rumour going round that I got the name after my boobs fell out of my bra when playing somewhere, however, I can confirm this isn't true - they never fall out, I just get them out myself! (Not really).

DPR: What first inspired you to DJ /make music?

Fallout: I was fascinated by Depeche Mode bootlegs which would often be a barrage of DM tracks all mixed together. In my mid teens, I started adding Chicago House to my audio regime. At 16 I started to go to clubs, and the first big rave I attended was Amnesia House at The Sky Blue Connection, where I was mesmerised by the sounds of DJs such as Frankie Bones, Doc Scott, Grooverider and Micky Wilson. I was totally blown away when I watched Carl Cox and I thought to myself: 'I NEED to do that!'

DPR: How did your link up with Tango come about?

Fallout: I met Tango when he came to the record shop I worked in. I remember we had a Tango day where he came and mixed for a few hours and we gave everybody who came in a free can of Fanta, ha, no a can of Tango really!

DPR: What studio equipment were you using back in 1992/1993, what do you use now?

Fallout: I was using an Akai s950, a Boss Rhythm Doctor and an Atari 1040 with cubase. I still have some of my old kit, but nothing set up at the moment. I have the occasional tinker on a program called Reaper on my lap top, but will be setting up something more robust to work with soon.

DPR: How would you define your sound? Do you have any particular methods you rely on to achieve it?

Fallout: I would describe it as delicate meets raucous. I love dirty squelchy farty noises over a fast hard beat. A prawn madras can usually aid with achieving this sound! Along with messing with, and layering, sounds and beats. You could spend hours just farting about with one farty sound for ages especially with all the plug ins that are available today.

DPR: Of the many genre defying tunes you came up with in 1993, what is your personal favourite and why?

Fallout: It would be hard to pick an absolute favourite, but the original "Intrigue" holds many special memories. One being it's debut, courtesy of the late and great Micky Lynas. Fabio had finished the night at Quest in Wolverhampton and played his last tune and people were starting to exit the club. Micky ran up to the decks with a test press and put it on. Fabio's jaw hit the ground with shock, as it wasn't quite his style. The stampede of ravers stomping and cheering coming back up the stairs and on to the dancefloor was a hilarious and memorable moment.

DPR: What are your top 5 darkside tracks overall?

Fallout: Ooooh, so many great tunes to pick 5 top ones, and I have so many white labels with scribbles, labelled 'This side', 'Boom' and 'Wicked' and truly regret not labelling them properly. I used to be able to look at a catalogue number inscribed on the inside of a piece of vinyl and know immediately what the tune was and who it was by, but alas, 20 years on, this knowledge evades me! However, off the top of my head, I'd say Essence of Aura - "Can I Dream", Doc Scott - "Drumz", Rufige Cru - "Terminator", Turbulance - "Disaster Area" and "Violator Vol 1"!

DPR: What's your opinion on the digital / vinyl debate?

Fallout: Well I'm old school and still play my old vinyl, but admire the advancement in technology and the capabilities of the digital era. If I was an 18 year old starting out now, using vinyl probably wouldn't even be part of my urban vocabulary!

DPR: If you had to give an up and coming dance music producer one tip, what would it be?

Fallout: If I had to give one piece of advice, it would be not to wipe your arse with a broken bottle! But, if I was allowed to give 2, the other would be to have confidence, passion and faith in what you do.

I lost my own mojo about a year ago, but thanks to certain event nights such as Raiders and 93, who know how to feckin' party by the way, my faith and confidence was soon restored. I hope to get in the studio again this year with Klone, as we bounce well off each other and have a great craic making tunes.

I'm also taking bookings again, having had to reject and cancel a few that I did take due to parental responsibilities which always come first. But, I did manage to end 2012 with a couple of cracking gigs - Dreamscape being one. I was also lucky enough to hear Top Buzz on a couple of occasions who not only took me back, but made me realise what an immense era it was and how fantastic it is to see so many people still loving it as much today, if not more, than it was loved back then.

DPR: Who do you think is making good music at the moment? (any genre)

Fallout: Currently, I'm loving Hot Chip, but I'm also really looking forward to Depeche Mode's new album coming out soon.

DPR: What are you currently doing / any plans for the future / plugs for events / releases?

Fallout: My next gig is a charity do in aid of Maximus Gardener >Click here for details< 2013 will also see me playing at Dirty Knees in Cardiff, Fantazia and The Best Of The Best in Stoke alongside Stu Allan, Mark EG and Shock C, to name but a few.

DPR: Do you have any contact points for bookings and enquiries?

Fallout: For bookings please contact Payback Promotions: >Click here to visit their website<

Demonic Possession are really excited that DJ Fallout is back on the scene in a big way - especially the fact that she may be hitting the studio again! So this is us saying a big 'THANK YOU!' for taking time out to do this interview during what is going to be a MEGA busy time for her for sure. We look forward to catching her soon. . .

Check out some of DJ Fallout and Tango's darkside classics >HERE<

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